Invoices From Poolinco Pools Discontinued.

Invoices From Poolinco Pools Discontinued . Poolinco Pools Will Not Serve That address Anymore In The Future Thanks For Being Our Valued Customer. please Read Poolinco Policy.

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Invoice Elements

  • Date – When are you sending out the invoice and when do you expect it to be paid? It’s not uncommon for clients to pay an invoice 30, 60, or 90 days after receiving the invoice. If you want to get paid faster make it clear that the invoice is due on a specified date. Also, mention any late fees or charges if the invoice is not paid on the due date.
  • Amount – How much are you charging for your work? Be certain your client is well aware of how much you’re charging and that you have priced them accordingly – you don’t want to have to ask them for more money if you underestimated your workload. Additionally, don’t be afraid to offer discounts. For example, you may knock off a percentage of the invoice if paid within 10 days.
  • Invoice Number – Including an invoice number is a way to easily track and organize your invoices. An invoice number comes in handy when it’s time for taxes, or if you’re in the unfortunate situation of being audited. Instead of shuffling through hundreds of invoices, you can locate any invoices in question in a snap.
  • Contact Details – Include the name, address, and contact information for both you and your client. Not only does it look professional, it ensures your invoice is sent to the right individual and that you can be contacted if there are any questions or concerns.

Description of Work

You can avoid any misunderstandings by clearly detailing the work you did for the client. For example, if you spent two hours testing a website, then that should be specified. The last thing you want is for a client to think that you are overcharging them. This also speeds up the payment process since clients can see exactly what work you did for them.