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Water Treatment For Residential And Commercial Pools

Poolinco Ozone Pools Are A Safe, Hypoallergenic And Effective Alternative To Chlorine and Salt Chlorine Pools!

With a water treatment program that is hypoallergenic, safe and affordable, you’ll enjoy peace of mind like never before.  So we hope you’ll join our family of poolowners who already know that an Oxygen Pool is the most amazing water you’ve ever seen!


Where Nature Meets Science

Any viable water treatment program requires a residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment as part of a complete water treatment program.   Here’s how the Oxygen Pools program works to fulfill those requirements:

  1.   First, the Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxodizes contaminants in the water as it feeds ozone into the pool water.
  2.   Ozone that is not used for initial oxidation is forced deep into the water using our high velocity generator where it reacts to form a residual level of hydrogen peroxide in the water.  This is accomplished automatically .
  3.  Then we add a weekly dose of Formula “Pollinco” non chlorine Oxidizing Shock to burn off any excess organic buildup in the water due to heavy rains, winds or high bather loads.  Formula “O” is a blended formula that simplifies water treatment with one easy treatment rather than adding three of four different treatments to shock, clarify and prevent stains and scale on pool surfaces.

Our bodies use peroxide every day!

Biologically, hydrogen peroxide is produced inside human cells as a first line of defense against pathogens so it is not a foreign substance to humans in the ways that chlorine is.  Hydrogen peroxide is the most compatible oxidizer for the human body as an alternative to chlorine in pools.

After testing the water,  add a weekly dose of Formula “poolinco” Oxidizing Shock which contains activated oxygen, blended with other natural compounds that shock the water and keep it fresh and clear. Formula “Poolinco” simplifies your water treatment program by replacing the need to add multiple chemicals every week.  Because the Formula contains no chlorine,  you can swim in minutes after dosing!

You’ll see the difference immediately in water quality and clarity.  There’s nothing that looks and feels like an Poolinco Ozone Pool!

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